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From our student researchers to faculty innovators to our state-of-the-art facilities, Virginia Tech offers an abundance of resources to bring an idea to the future. Virginia Tech is the commonwealth's launch pad for innovation.

Faculty Innovation

Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP)

An affiliated corporation of Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties pursues excellence in technology commercialization, creating market opportunities from scientific innovation. VTIP's expertise in protecting, marketing and commercializing technology and innovation helps bring new collaborative ideas to the world.

Facilitating the licensing of technology to companies, VTIP encourages new faculty startup ventures, works with publishers and distributors of software, and supports the transfer of research and knowledge to other universities, research institutes and companies.

Find out more about how to work with VTIP here.

Presence in the National Capital Region

The state-of-the-art Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington, at 900 N. Glebe Road, drives the university's mission to expand its research portfolio in the National Capital Region. The region offers great opportunity for partnerships with corporate research entities and close proximity to government agencies and other public and private sector organizations. The building is located in the vibrant Ballston district of Arlington, a short distance from many of the leading science and research agencies of the federal government and many high-technology companies.

Student Innovation

Built into leading academic programs, opportunities for undergraduate research set Virginia Tech apart from many other institutional experiences and enables students to set themselves apart from other graduates entering the workplace as both competitive scholars and experienced researchers.

Read student stories about how Virginia Tech's undergraduate research experience is truly hands on, minds on.

Fralin summer fellowship transforms students into research scientists

Two Virginia Tech students assisted with a coyote ecology research project as part of the Fralin Life Science Institute's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program.

Read more about the coyote research.

    Student research

Residence hall serves as 'lab' for study on Virginia Tech student diversity

Business student Amber Eanes took her research work "home" with her as she studied diversity among the women living in her residence hall.

Read more about Amber's research.


Underwater robot squad gains hands-on experience while working toward 'hands-off' operation

ECE student Brian Keller is part of Virginia Tech's Autonomous Underwater Vehicles team, studying and building robots that can move underwater and operate without human contact.

Read more about Brian's research.

    fighting obesity

Student helping in fight against obesity

Rachel Cornett, a human nutrition, foods and exercise major, has developed a new passion for research, and is using that passion to help others prevent weight gain during the winter holidays.

Read more about Rachel's research.

    artificial muscle man

Artificial muscle man

Hayden Shea, a mechanical engineer and honors student, researched substances used to create artificial muscles. His advice to fellow students: "Figure out what you want to do, and make it happen."

Read more about Hayden's research.

    malaria parasite

Students explore malaria parasite

Mallory Brangan, a senior in biochemistry and studio art, has dedicated over a year of her life to research. Her inspiration: the knowledge that every year, one to two million people will die from the malaria parasite, while millions of others suffer from severe infection.

Read more about Mallory's research.

    Paul Zheng

Post-9/11, honors student hopes to increase a building's life under the stress of fire and heat exposure

Paul Zheng, a senior honors student majoring in civil engineering, balances his honors and major classes with his undergraduate research project on structural performance under realistic fire loading. His research was inspired by the real-life horror of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Read more about Paul's research.

    Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes create a research opportunity for an undergrad

Kara Dodson, a sophomore from Lynchburg, Virginia, has always liked to get her feet wet. She started out playing in creeks as a child and she continued to "play" in water through the end of her freshman year at Virginia Tech. The difference is that she is now researching pitting in copper pipes.

Read more about Kara's research.


    Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech student researcher seeks to understand Russia

A passion for Russian history and culture led honors student Aimee Fausser of Springfield, Virginia, to three years of invaluable undergraduate experience. Her topic: the Russian Gulag camps.

Read more about Aimee's research.


    children's emotions

It takes a village to research children's emotions

Honors students Heidi Dull, Kelly Blend, and Jackie Congress have been working on a collaborative research project studying the emotional behavior of children. They look forward to the results, but will have to wait for years until the project is finished before they even find out what they were looking for.

Read more about their research in the Children's Emotions Lab.


    parasites plaguing Virginia

Research on parasites plaguing Virginia otters uncovers a mystery

Virginia Tech senior honors student Morgan Agnew, a biology and animal science double major, began her undergraduate research on parasites in the Virginian otter population as a sophomore and has taught other undergraduates how to do the work.

Read more about Morgan's research.


    novel vaccines

Developing novel vaccines to battle viruses

Senior biological sciences honor student Megan Wicks of Colonial Heights, Virginia, has begun to create a novel vaccine for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV).

Read more about Megan's research.


    Collegiate Football

Collegiate Football: Inspiration for Research

College football is of interest to many people at Virginia Tech, but for senior honors student John Cassara of Centerville, Virginia, it served as an inspiration for undergraduate research.

Read more about John's research.



Beverage — Not Soda?

Junior Kelly Wilson took up the task of researching beverage consumption patterns in middle-aged and older adults, a segment of the population particularly prone to weight gain.

Read more about Kelly's research.


    Mosquito infections

Increasing Virginia Tech-Malian Relations to Save Lives

Mosquito infections such as dengue and yellow fever are a dangerous issue. Virginia Tech senior Christine George is working to fight it.

Read more about Christine's research.


    Bug Bite

More than Just a Bug Bite

Sam Faith combined his interest in biology and his love of the French language by becoming an intern at the Pasteur Institute in France, where he worked in the malaria research lab.

Read more about Sam's research.


    million dollar car

Million Dollar Car

Jesse Hurdus and Shawn Kimmel turned their volunteer work on the autonomous vehicle team into a research project with support from a national car manufacturer to build a full-scale computer controlled vehicle.

Read more about Jesse's and Shawn's research.


    rule the road

Rule the Road: Prevention, Intervention, Abstention

Within his first two weeks as a freshman, Ryan Smith was on his way to discovering which activities reduce high-risk behavior on high school prom night.

Read more about Ryan's research.


    mercury-based compounds

Student studies impact of mercury-based compound on cells

Angela Barker spent two semesters examining the effects of the mercury-based compound, thimerosal, on developmental signaling in human cells.

Read more about Angela's research.


    Canine brain tumors

Canine brain tumors a possible model for human cancers

Jessica Kross has dedicated the last two years to studying the development of astrocytic brain tumors in canines.

Read more about Jessica's research.


    marijuana use

Exploring reasons behind marijuana use

After volunteering to be a research assistant as a freshman, Kristin McCants completed two field studies and a literature review by her junior year.

Read more about Kristin's research.


    Honey Bee

Honey Bee Survival

Kat Connors scored a research gig after hitting it off with Dr. Rick Fell, one of the two professors on a study abroad trip to South Africa.

Read more about Kat's research.


    Accent Preference

Accent Preference in Infants

Krisztina Varga learned about an opening in Virginia Tech's Infant Perception Lab from a friend who worked there. She applied and was accepted.

Read more about Kirsztina's research.

    Biodegradable Sutures

Chemistry of Biodegradable Sutures

Dan Crowther, a senior biology major, decided he would give a chemistry internship a try. Dan applied and received a 12-week internship through the chemistry department.

Read more about Dan's research.

    Spider Embryology

Spider Embryology

Sophia Bous' opportunity came when she was discussing a lecture with one of her professors. Her intelligence and interest won her an invitation to participate in the research he was doing.

Read more about Sophia's research.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Table 

Each month, local business leaders and students come together for the Entrepreneurs and Innovators Table (EIT), a casual meeting of minds where students have the opportunity to learn firsthand what it takes to conceive, launch and grow an entrepreneurial venture. If you are interested in mentoring aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs by hosting an EIT, please connect with us!

Proctor & Gamble Joins With Virginia Tech In Strategic Innovation Partnership
    Headshot of Sallie Keller, director of the Social Decision and Analytics Laboratory
A recently signed master alliance with Proctor & Gamble signals a new era of research for Virginia Tech, according to officials at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech. Read the full story. >>